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Farewell to a good Friend

Wednesday 3 August 2016, by SIGNIS

Cuba, August, 3rd, 2016 (Gustavo Andujar). As Vatican communications enter a new phase, giving a clear indication of the will of the Church to renew and to potentiate its presence in the rapidly changing media environment, a giant leaves the scene. Archbishop Carlo Maria Celli served as President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications since his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI, in June 2007, until the recent extinction of the Council with the creation of the Secretariat for Communications of the Holy See.

During his tenure, Archbishop Celli brought tremendous dynamism to the field of Catholic communications, fostering a very active exchange of ideas among communicators from all over the world in world congresses of Catholic radios, of faculties of communications in Catholic universities, and of Catholic journalists, among others. He played a key role in consolidating the presence of the Church in what he liked to call “the digital continent”, succeeding particularly in inaugurating that presence in social media, an example of which are the millions of followers of the Pope’s Twitter account @Pontifex

A staunch supporter of SIGNIS, he has been present, in person, through internet or through a personal representative, in all our important events, always encouraging, always inspiring. At the ceremony of proclamation of the new Canonical Statutes of SIGNIS by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, his first words were: –“I come here, first of all, as a friend of SIGNIS”.

We in SIGNIS are deeply honored to be counted among Archbishop Celli’s friends, and as we bid him farewell from the position he has recently held, we want to thank him for his enormously valuable service to the Church, and wish him all the best in whatever new assignments His Holiness may have in store for him.

Gustavo Andujar
President of SIGNIS

For more info on Celli’s departure and his new replacement, click here.

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