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New president for SIGNIS Japan

Thursday 9 June 2016, by SIGNIS

Tokyo, June 9th 2016 (SIGNIS Japan). SIGNIS JAPAN is pleased to announce that they have elected a new president, Mr. Itaru Tsuchiya, after approval of resignation of the former President, Mr. Shigeki Chiba, at their Annual General Assembly held in Tokyo on 27 May, 2016.

Mr. Chiba had served as President of SIGNIS Japan for 14.5 years since its formation in November 2001. If we add his term of Presidency for OCIC Japan, his years of service become 19 years. As he contributed so much and so long to guide SIGNIS Japan on the right track, we have unanimously decided to present him the title of honorary President.

Mr. Itaru Tsuchiya was Vice President of SIGNIS Japan for more than seven years. He is currently a lecturer at the Seisen University, a writer of KOKORO NO TOMOSHIBI (The Light of The Heart: Radio program run by The Good Shepherd Movement), a coordinator at the Network of Teachers of Religion and Ethics, a staff member at the Catholic School Teachers’ Formation Courses, and a member of the Interesting Science Workshop for Kids.

He will serve as President for the remaining term of two years in place of Mr. Chiba. The officers for SIGNIS Japan now are: Mr. Itaru Tsuchiya, President, Mr. Mitsuru Ideguchi, Vice President, and Mr. Tsuneaki "Mac" Machida, Secretary, all until May 2018.

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