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BBC Monitoring’s Iraq Media Guide

Monday 5 September 2016, by SIGNIS

Baghdad, September, 5th, 2016 (BBC). In Iraq, the media environment remains highly polarised by political and sectarian differences. Television is still the main medium for news and there are a large number of privately-owned channels, many with political affiliations.

As BBC Monitoring’s Iraq Media Guide for 2016 explains, the use of social media is growing fast and is being exploited by political actors.

Internet penetration has risen remarkably quickly in the last two years, though this was from a very low base and the country still lags behind other Middle East states, except Yemen and Syria.

Despite recent setbacks, the jihadist group Islamic State continues to occupy a substantial part of Iraq but its media operations are largely confined to social media.
Kurdish media operate in a world of their own.

Researched and written by BBC Monitoring’s regional experts, the Iraq Media Guide provides overviews of the broadcasting, press and online sectors, along with detailed listings of individual channels, publications and other sources. The entirely separate media scene in Iraqi Kurdistan is covered in an extensive special section.

To find out more about the BBC media environment guides, please contact them.

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