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Ghanaian bishops concerned about hate speech

Monday 11 July 2016, by SIGNIS

Accra, July 11th, 2016 (Canaafrica). Ghana is preparing to hold general elections in November. For the last few weeks, many people have used radio shows to give their political opinion, often leading to hate speech. The situation has gotten so worrisome that the bishops in Ghana, under the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC), have expressed their concerns about this issue.

In a Press Statement issued on July 5 and signed by GCBC President, the Bishops state, “We, the members of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, have received media reports on the threat of attack on members of the Judiciary allegedly made by two panelists during a radio discussion on an Accra-based Muntie FM with a lot of worry and anxiety, and we wish to join individuals and groups which have already condemned this act.”

But the concern of the Bishop goes beyond the specified call-in show: “It is becoming increasingly worrying to us that, on a daily basis, some panelists on radio programmes and callers to these programmes continue to make unguarded comments and contributions instead of discussing issues that will benefit the development of Ghana,” the Bishops’ statement continues.

They are concerned about “the rising political temperature in the country” ahead of the November elections and call on “all Ghanaians to take steps to bring down the political temperature.”

The Bishops specifically urge “newspaper editors and producers of FM radio programmes” to be cautious when selecting individuals to discuss political issues.

You can read the press release here.

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