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How do the media influence conflicts?

Wednesday 27 January 2016, by SIGNIS

London, Brussels, January 27th, 2016 ( BBC Media Action/SIGNIS) BBC Media Action recently published a new research report entitled Media, Discussion and Attitudes in Fragile Contexts.

This report forms part of a growing body of work that attempts to understand the role of the media in influencing conflict. In particular, the report explores how discussion programmes - where a diverse audience, representing the whole of society, is engaged in fair and balanced debate - can help address fragility. Drawing on quantitative data from nationally representative surveys collected for BBC Media Action programming in Kenya and Nigeria, this paper seeks to better understand the relationship between debate-style programming, discussion and conflict-related attitudes in fragile settings.

These findings demonstrate the strong links between both private and public forms of discussion and individual attitudes, and also highlight the complex interactions between these elements. Attitudes towards conflict and inclusion are shaped by a wide range of influences, and this study can be seen as a first step in understanding the interplay between exposure to media, discussion and attitudes.

You can find the complete report here.

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