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Thursday 14 January 2016, by SIGNIS

Scarborough, Brussels, January 14th, 2016 (CNUA/SIGNIS). The Scarboro Mission is a Society of Canadian Catholics, priests and laity, with members serving in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and of course Canada. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II declaration Nostra Aetate (In Our Time), and in order to better understand the legacy of this interreligious achievement of the Council, the Scarboro Mission presented in his latest magazine Scarboro Missions a series of articles from accomplished international figures in the field of interfaith dialogue.

As Pope Francis reminds the catholic community, “either we stand together with the culture of dialogue and encounter (in today’s world), or we all lose.” This issue could help supporting and furthering the incredible interfaith outreach that is taking place within our communities today. May it also serve as an opportunity to examine the past, present and future of interreligious encounter in a world with a growing need for peaceful coexistence.

The magazine can be consulted on line.

The Scarboro Missionaries informed their interfaith colleagues around the world about a number of new curricula and useful educational resources to its website collection. These resources include online courses, toolkits, best practices, do-it-yourself workshops, activities, multifaith prayer services, starter kits, guidelines, games, meditations and PowerPoint. Extra added bonus: most of these resources can be downloaded free of charge. These curricula can be used with a broad range of constituencies including schools, youth groups, universities, community groups and grassroots interfaith organizations.

These resources address a broad range of issues including education, social justice, ecology, peace-building, conflict-resolution, spirituality, diversity and global consciousness. It can be considered as one of the most comprehensive collections of interfaith curricula on the Internet.

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