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Malawian Catholic media directors hold workshop in Lilongwe

Tuesday 15 March 2016, by SIGNIS

Lilongwe, March, 15th, 2016 (AMECEA). In February, media directors from all Catholic media institutions in Malawi met in Lilongwe “to strategize and enhance their collaboration and networking when discharging their duties which is mainly to evangelize through print and electronic media.”

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Catholic media directors in Malawi

Mulume, the National Secretary for the Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM) emphasized on the need for collaboration and networking among the Catholic Media Institutions and therefore he urged the departments under his directorate to be available to support their own media institutions.

Fr. Andrew Kaufa, the National Social Communications Secretary said “the workshop was also aimed at finding ways on how the national communications office, media houses and the association of Catholic journalists in Malawi can work together.”

During the workshop, Secretary General for the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, Fr. Henry Saindi who is also the former Director for Radio Maria Malawi communicated three issues that the Bishops resolved during their plenary early this year: he said the Bishops would like to see complementarities among Catholic media houses, promotion of the identity of the Church and definition of the role of Catholic media.

Among the participants to the workshop were a Sister Luisa (Chief Editor, Montfort Media),Fr. Gamba (Manager, Montfort Media),Fr. Mpina (Director of Programs, Luntha Television),Fr. Robert Songa (Director, Tuntufye FM),Fr. Gabriel Jana (Radio Alinafe), Fr. Eugine Ngoma (Radio Tigabane) and Erick Ning’ang’a (General Manager, Likuni Press).

To know more about the meeting, click here.

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