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Satprakashan, the Regional Communication centre in India

Friday 19 February 2016, by SIGNIS

Brussels, February 19th 2016 (SIGNIS). Satprakashan, the Regional Communication Centre in India helps, through its media activities, all the dioceses of Madhya Pradesh. Its activities do not only benefit the region but all the Hindi speaking states of India.

Satprakashan first began as a publication house, and later, with the advancement of media, the center ventured into the production of audio and video by establishing audio and video studios.

Last year, Satprakashan planned “Media Max”, a one day seminar on introduction to media to the youth of Indore diocese. The participants from various parishes and religious houses were given a chance to know about the various types of media and about their prospects in these media fields. The seminar in particular dealt with print, audio and visual media as they play a great role in the lives of people. The centre hopes to organize a similar event this year in August.

Satprakashan is also the production centre for the Hindi Language version of Radio Veritas Asia (RVA), assisted by Ravi Bahrti Patna. People from different regions are encouraged to listen to these radio programmes, but also from other countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Mauritius. The programmes are available online; or through the mobile phones. It is a big opportunity to spread the Good News among to the non-Catholic people.

Radio Veritas Asia started as a dream, a response to Scripture mandate to share Christ to all peoples in all corners of the world. The focus was in the Asian continent: to proclaim His truth from the housetops through the airwaves. The dream was doused with urgency in the horror that engulfed the continent after the Second World War. Throughout the vastness of China and its southern neighbours Vietnam, Korea and Burma, the evil of Communism shook the foundations of human dignity. This colossal threat, was known in history to have methodically, but brutally destroyed millions of lives, curtailed all practices of freedom and crushed all attempts to live the Christian faith. With governments opposed to basic human dignity, Christ was the people’s only hope and His voice was to reach them through the marvel and power of radio.

In today’s technology-driven world, the Radio apostolate cannot afford to lag behind. Streaming programs was introduced at the turn of the millennium, making programs accessible to the migrants in Diaspora countries anytime and anywhere, through the marvel of internet and other digital modalities. In 2007, RVA digitalized its production facilities paving the way to shift some of the languages, where it is politically stable, to their language areas. Furthermore, this development ushered the possibility for most programs to be produced in the native areas and sent to RVA studios through Internet.

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