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SIGNIS Workshop: “Communications Lab - Youth for a Culture of Peace”

Wednesday 27 July 2016, by SIGNIS

Brussels, July 27th, 2016 (SIGNIS). SIGNIS, in collaboration with SIGNIS Africa and Bosco Eastern Africa Multimedia Services (BEAMS) will host a new workshop in Kenya. The workshop is entitled: “Communications Lab - Youth for a Culture of Peace” and will take place from October 17 – 28 2016.

The workshop is designed primarily for youth with a proven commitment to efforts on behalf of peace, those working with social communications offices, religious production houses, NGO’s and Media students. Its goal is to develop and strengthen their understanding of social communications.

SIGNIS has great interest in the formation of the next generation of Catholic media practitioners. For the last several years it has promoted a Video Journalists project and otherwise sought the participation of young Catholics in its projects in the different regions of the world.

At the SIGNIS World Congress in Rome-2014, there emerged the priority of forming partnerships with like-minded organizations to promote a Culture of Peace— a key element of SIGNIS’s mission. The project as laid out here envisions a new instance of forming and empowering young Catholic communicators as agents for change for a Culture of Peace within other Catholic organizations. The hope is to provide a sustainable framework for follow-up as well as the development of concrete initiatives with partner institutions.

Hence, the challenge is to bring together young persons from various countries serving in the field of social communications; to motivate, encourage and recognize their creative talents in social communications; to challenge their call, through sharing of faith, work and life experience.

Based on Catholic Social Teaching’s and Social Communication documents, using theory and practice, the program will help challenge them and bring better focus and clarity in the mission.

SIGNIS will form young people in Catholic organizations to be productive multimedia communicators imbued with a keen critical sense of media based on church teaching. They will be the catalysts for a dynamic Catholic initiatives towards a culture of peace both within a network of sister institutions and in public media.

All applicants must meet the following requirements :

  • Age: 18-27
  • Formal recommendation from an institution.
  • Have a minimum of one year’s direct, hands-on experience in either:
    • one or another media field: journalism, video, radio, blogging, etc.;
    • or in a peacemaking action, program, project or campaign.
    • In either case, provide a summary of their media experience—whether it be direct media work or in using some form of media in peacemaking efforts.
  • State how they are committed to working in media for a culture of peace.
  • Reflect on how working in media is related to their faith.
  • Able to submit samples of their work
  • State clearly what they hope to learn from the seminar and what they plan to do with their new knowledge or skills.
  • Commit to participate for at least four years in a follow-up process.
  • Good conversational English is a Must, but being fluent in written and spoken English is an advantage.

The application form is to be submitted by the participants, who must be recommended by the head of the sending institute.

Closing date for the application is Wednesday, 31 August 2016.

For background information on the previous workshop in this program please go to: this website

  • Practical information:
    More info on the applicant’s requirements are to be founded here.
    More info for the Directors/Heads of Sending Institutions or Organizations or Offices are to be founded here.

The contact person is Mr. Larry Rich.

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