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The role of Christian media in the Middle East

Monday 3 October 2016, by SIGNIS

Beirut, October, 3rd, 2016 (Agenzia Fides). The Lebanese Minister of information, Ramzi Jreige, explained his view on the role of the Christian media in the Middle East.

"The role of Christians in the Middle East media cannot be limited to the dissemination of news about religious events: they are also called upon to address political and social problems, with particular attention to those related to poverty, exploitation and social differences", he said.

He outlined one of the guidelines that shape the specific media vocation of Christian inspiration operating in middle Eastern countries within the media Conference of Christians in the Middle East, organized by the group Tele Lumiere-Noursat under the patronage of the Patriarchs of the East.

The Lebanese minister stressed that Christian media can play a major role in helping to overcome this difficult period, denouncing "the collapse of the constitutional institutions, corruption and the violation of human rights and public freedoms”. The representative of the Lebanese government also urged the Christian media to "give an opportunity to the representatives of other communities to express their opinions".

The Conference was attended by representatives of Christian media from Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt.

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