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“Fr. Gaetano Nicosia. The Angel of the Lepers”. A documentary movie

Thursday 19 November 2015, by SIGNIS

Hong Kong, Brussels, November 19th, 2015 (ANS/SIGNIS). On 11 November 1935, Fr Gaetano Nicosia, SDB, started his mission in Hong Kong and Macau. For this reason the producer chose the same day to release publicly the documentary movie “Fr. Gaetano Nicosia. The Angel of the Lepers”. More than 100 people attended this event. All proceeds will go to “Little Sisters of The Poor – Saint Mary’s Home for the Aged”.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, who took part in the event, said that Fr Nicosia was very happy with this event because everything comes from God. This documentary reminded him that it was a privilege for him to be an Italian, a Christian, a Salesian priest, and finally to be a missionary to work for the lepers.

Cardinal Zen also said that one thought that Fr Nicosia wanted to give as a gift on the evening was the secret of happiness. “Don Bosco used to promise the Salesians enough to eat, enough to work and heaven. Heaven starts here on earth” he stated, when you have a heart completely free from yourself, caring only for the people who need your help.

Professor Gianni Criveller, one of the directors, said that Fr Nicosia was a great Salesian and a great missionary. They wanted to make this video because they were very impressed by the quality of his missionary life and by the service that he gave to hundreds of people suffering from leprosy. Fr Nicosia lived his life together with the lepers, not only for them, but with them. And, the generosity that he displayed and the humility that he always had with them is a very noble testimony and an example that we want to keep alive.

Moreover, they hoped that through this documentary movie, the message could be transmitted to new generations who would remember his contribution. Fortunately, that village at Coloane, Macau was closed now and there are no longer people suffering from this disease. Still, the example and witness of Fr. Nicosia will live on. This was the reason why they made this movie.

Regarding the future plan for this documentary movie, they hope that some television channels will be interested. And they will have a launch in Macau in early December. They might also get in touch with the Audio-Visual Centre of Hong Kong Diocese to see whether they could add Chinese subtitles to it and spread it among the Catholics in Hong Kong and Macau.

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