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In 2015 more spectators in Europe’s cinemas

Thursday 11 February 2016, by SIGNIS

Milano, Brussels, February 11th, 2016 (MEDIA Salles/SIGNIS). MEDIA Salles realized a series of statistics about spectators and cinema. It emerges that in the 32 European countries for which figures are already available, there were 1,210.5 million spectators, with a 5.2% rise compared to the 1,151.0 million of 2014.

"2015 was a good year for European cinemas. The increases in admissions and box-office concerned practically all the countries analysed by MEDIA Salles, unlike those years in which - as in 2014 - a generally positive result for Europe concealed marked differences, with some countries recording growth and other territories dips, even considerable ones," comments Paolo Protti, President of MEDIA Salles.

The 18 countries in Western Europe record a 6.1% increase, whilst the 14 in Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Rim close the year with a 3.0% rise and a total of 344.5 million tickets sold compared to the 334.5 million in 2014. It is the tenth consecutive year of growth in this part of Europe, which has made it possible to more or less double the numbers of spectators in one decade.

In Western Europe, we see exceptional increases in tickle sales, especially in Portugal, Finland and Denmark. One of the main reasons for these increases is that, besides Hollywood blockbusters, local films were big hits. On the leading 5 Western European markets, a counter-trend is to be seen in France, which loses 1.4% of its spectators, whilst still establishing itself as the most important market in Europe, keeping well above the 200 million thresholds

In Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Rim, two slight dips are noted on the two biggest markets in terms of numbers: Russia (-0.2%) and Turkey (-1.5%). These are nevertheless countries that have seen the highest growth rate in terms of spectators in the whole continent over the past few years. On the contrary, big increases are to be found in Estonia, Romania and Hungary.

In 2015, the number of digital screens continued to rise: the first statistics available show that Europe starts 2016 with 36,200 digital projectors, around 95% of the total, with a 6% increase over 1 January 2015. A clear acceleration in the rate of conversion to the new technology was to be found in some of the (now few) countries that have not yet digitized all their screens. Amongst the Continent’s six largest markets Russia (approx. 99.9%), closely followed by Italy (approx. 97%) and Spain (approx. 92%), is now aligned with France, the United Kingdom and Germany, which already boasted almost 100% digitization.

To sum up, with its 36,200 digital screens, Europe is the third largest world market after North America, which counts around 43,000 digital projectors, and Asia and the Pacific area, which sprang into the lead in 2015, with over 46,000 units.

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