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Insight Student Filmmaker Award 2015

Monday 5 October 2015, by SIGNIS

London/Brussels, October 5th, 2015. (The Tablet/Insight Filmfest/SIGNIS) One of the partners of SIGNIS, the bi-annual Insight Film Festival, also organizes the Insight Student Filmmaker Award for scenarios expressing faith and belief. The Insight Film Festival partners for this project are Loyola Productions, Inc. and the Jesuits in Britain.

The winner’s prize is a prize worth £5000, generously supported by the British Jesuits and includes a 6-week internship with Loyola Productions in Los Angeles, a film production company based in Hollywood.

The 2015 winner was law student Robyn Forsythe for Neverland , a short film that follows the 9-year-old Noah in Boscastle in Cornwall, who is terrified of rising sea levels and wakes up one day to find the whole world flooded.

The film delicately opens up an important discussion of environmental issues, as well as asking where faith fits in – not only when it comes to global catastrophes, but in our own lives.

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Robyn Forsythe

Robyn’s entry to the SFA 2015 asks "Through all the uninformed opinions that we can find, it’s almost impossible to understand what the facts really are about global warming. What is the truth? Is it too late? And where does faith fit in amongst all this?" Neverland is written by Anna Hoghton, and will be produced by Robyn.

This year’s theme for the award was ‘The truth is out there. Have faith!‘

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