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New production company to tackle Hollywood gender gap

Friday 4 March 2016, by SIGNIS

Brussels, March 4th, 2016 (SIGNIS). A group of actresses and female directors announced their decision to create their own production company. “We do it together” (WDIT) aims to fund and promote films that change the image of women in the industry.

In order to fight the stereotypes and sexism in Hollywood, Juliette Binoche, Chiara Tilesi, Freida Pinto, Jessica Chastain and many more decided to create their own production company. WDIT hopes to close the gender gap by focusing on film and television projects that empower women.

Chiara Tilesi told the Hollywood Reporter that they “hope in the future they won’t have a need for dedicated niche financing for films by and about women”. She added “All of us involved in We Do It Together recognise the vital role of the media and entertainment in both shaping and challenging societal norms. Film has always possessed the power to defy convention and change hearts and minds, and this power and potential must be harnessed to challenge the current archaic norms related to women within the entertainment industry. We feel that the way to make this a reality is to give women from around the world a concrete way to express themselves and an ongoing structure that will ensure that these stories will be financed and distributed.”

Following a study made by the South Carolina University, women are largely underrepresented in Hollywood: only a third of the lines are said by women in television series, and women are more likely to be shown naked. Moreover, women only represent 15% of film directors are women, 29% of scripts writers and 23% of series creators

WDIT’s first production is supposed to be revealed at the next Cannes film festival, in May 2016.

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