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Spotlight is not an anti-catholic film

Wednesday 2 March 2016, by SIGNIS

Rome, Brussels, March, 2nd, 2016 (Osservatore Romano/SIGNIS). Last Sunday, Spotlight, by Tom MacCarthy won the Oscar for best picture. The film is about the journalist team who highlighted sexual abuses in the Catholic Church. The Osservatore Romano gave its view on this film and said that “the film is not anti-Catholic, as has been written, because it manages to voice the shock and profound pain of the faithful confronting the discovery of these horrendous realities”.

It continues “Pedophilia does not necessarily arise from the vow of chastity. However, it has become clear that in the Church some are more preoccupied with the image of the institution than of the seriousness of the act. This cannot justify the extremely grave fault of those who, while seen as God’s representatives, use this authority and prestige to exploit the innocent. The film is adept at recounting this detail, giving space to the inner devastation that these acts generate in the victims, who no longer have a God to plead with, to ask for help.”

The journal then said that it is good that a call has been made, after the Oscar ceremony, to Pope Francis to fight this issue. It shows that “there is still trust in the institution; there is trust in a Pope who is continuing the cleaning begun by his predecessor, then still a cardinal. There is still trust in a faith that has at its heart the defence of victims, the protection of the innocent.”

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