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World Toilet Day: the importance of promoting sanitation via films

Thursday 19 November 2015, by SIGNIS

Brussels, November 19th, (SIGNIS/SanitationUpdates). Today, November 19th, is the date chosen by the UN to celebrate World Toilet Day. If that can seem a little bit odd at first, for many people in the world, it is a really important issue. Indeed, if 6 billion people in the world have mobile phones, only 4, 5 billion have toilets.

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Disney "Cleanliness Brings Health"

It is the theme chosen by the Belgian Angolese film-maker Ed Adamo for his short film “Izindlu zangasese” (Toilets), produced in 2015. The film denounces the bad hygiene conditions in the South-African townships. In the 1940s, Walt Disney had produced a number of films for the Americas (North and South America) but the films were never shown worldwide in educational programmes, such as those in Belgium and its colony, now the DRC.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the areas with the lowest access to proper sanitation are sub-Saharan Africa (31%), southern Asia (36%) and Oceania (53%). “World Toilet Day has a serious purpose: it aims to stimulate dialogue about sanitation and break the taboo that still surrounds this issue,” says the World Toilet Day website. “In addition, it supports advocacy that highlights the profound impact of the sanitation crisis in a rigorous manner, and seeks to bring to the forefront the health and emotional consequences, as well as the economic impact of inadequate sanitation.”

More info on the website.

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