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“An” (Sweet Bean) won Japan Catholic film Award

Wednesday 8 June 2016, by SIGNIS

Tokyo, June, 8th, 2016 (SIGNIS Japan). 1,200 people attended the 40th Japan Catholic Film Award Ceremony and Screening held in Tokyo last May. A Naomi Kawase film, “An” (Sweet Bean), brings us to the stories of the two main characters who underwent their respective hardships and eventually found the meaning of life.

First, there was the film viewing, followed by the ceremony. Mr. Shigeki Chiba, SIGNIS Japan President, made a greeting address. Then, Fr. Masahide Haresaku, the advisory priest, spoke on the film and its message.

Following the address, a certificate and a trophy were presented to the main actress, Kirin Kiki, who was present on behalf of absent Directress. After a video letter from Naomi Kawase, there was a talk among Kirin Kiki, Asuka Kanze, official advisor, and Fr. Haresaku.

As a surprise, Mr. Durian Sukegawa, the author of the novel “An”, arrived and joined the talk. The audience enjoyed their wonderful talks, including Kirin Kiki’s “I have been always free. Nothing binds me,” and Durian Sukegawa’s “The real Big Bang was when you are born!”

SIGNIS JAPAN has made a 20 page brochure “Japan Catholic Film Awards -40 years of history” to commemorate this occasion.

You can see the Official Trailer:

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