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Ecumenical Award at the 56th Zlin Festival

Monday 6 June 2016, by SIGNIS

Zlin, June, 6th, 2016 (SIGNIS/Interfilm). The 56th Zlin Film Festival for children and youth ended on Friday. The ecumenical Jury, appointed by SIGNIS and Interfilm awarded a film and gave a special commendation.

The Jury declared that "We as an ecumenical jury saw very colorful selection of films from all parts of the world, which gave us a complex view on children problems and joys worldwide. We admired the artistic and aesthetical qualities of selected films. And we were also very glad that all of those films for children and youth show great respect for childhood and young audiences."

The Ecumenical prize was given to Abulele , by director Jonathan Geva from Israel.

"Abulele is a film that deals with strong and relevant themes such as grief and prejudice in a manner, which is refreshingly open to a young audience. With a good balance of humor and drama Abulele impresses with its nuanced depiction of characters. The audience is continually confronted with the prejudices we may form of certain characters and learn that people (and creatures) are always more than they seem at first glance."

The Jury also gave a special recommandation to the French film Learn by heart (La vie en grand) by Mathieu Vadepied.

"Learn by heart is a beautifully made social drama with a compelling and charming lead character. We follow the troubled but hopeful journey of a young boy trapped in bad circumstances desperately trying to do good for all those around him. The film underlines the importance of altruism for the improvement of life."

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