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"Kota" awarded SIGNIS prize at Mar del Plata 2015.

Monday 9 November 2015, by SIGNIS

Mar del Plata, November 9th, 2015 (SIGNIS). The SIGNIS prize at the 30th Mar del Plata Film Festival has been awarded to Ivan Ostrochovský for his film Koza (Slovakia/Czech Republic, 2015, 1h 11).

In their citation the Jury said : "With a dynamic rythmn and increasing tension, Koza tells the story of a former boxing champion who, despite the vicissitudes that he has to go through, is not overcome. Koza is a real fighter, he does not give up, he never loses faith. Though he falls he always gets up again.

The film alternates confined and stifling spaces with the coldness of huge and snowy landscapes. The director, Ivan Ostrochovský, denounces the present realities of his country and the exploitation of the poor by the poor, giving a real humanity to his characters.

In the last scene, the heavy atmosphere rises like clouds on the beach and allows us to catch a glimpse of a new light and life going on.

A special commendation was given to The Measure of a Man (La Loi du marché) by Stéphane Brizé (France, 2015, 1h 33)

The Measure of a Man condemns the conditions of a world of work that demeans and dehumanizes people. Thierry, the main character, faces degrading situations for himself and his colleagues. He will gradually find the strength to reject this downward spiral and so regain his dignity.

The members of the 2015 SIGNIS Jury were: Miguel Monforte (Argentina), Fernando Ruiz Vallejos (Peru) et Magali Van Reeth (France)

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