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SIGNIS Award at the Venice Film Festival

Monday 12 September 2016, by SIGNIS

Venice, sept, 12th, 2016, (SIGNIS). At the 73. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica della Biennale di Venezia (Venice Film Festival), the SIGNIS Jury gave a prize to the film Piuma, by Roan Johnson (Italy).

The Jury said that, “Through its original, ironic and tender way to talk about love and life of young highschool students, Roan Johnson gives with Piuma an important message of hope and courage to families. His well outlined characters and their decision to keep a baby against the common opinion are a good example for those who are in the same situation. Piuma is a comedy for all ages, that underlines the importance of dialogue and mutual support inside a family, seen from the point of view of young people and inspired by everyday life experience”.

The Jury also gave a special Commendation to: On the milky road by Emir Kusturica
“Through the explosive imagination and great lyric intuition of the acclaimed director Emir Kusturica, On the Milky Road is a powerful story that opens our mind and heart to rebuild life based on peace. Revisiting the Balkan war, the director creates a love story in an adverse time, mixing comedy and dream with the hardest and absurd moments of human existence. Beyond loss and grief, the protagonist Costa meets the reasons that makes him turn off the spiral of violence: a joyful hope that exceeds adversity, love to life, love as victory and faith that moves mountains. All this is what the director shares with us, determined to fight for the true sense of the existence”.

The Jury members were Ana Boariu (Romania), Daniel Boutros (Egypt), Sergio Joel Ascencio Casillas (Mexico), Chiara Supplizi (Italy), Sergio Perugini (Italy).

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