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SIGNIS Jury Awards "Fambul Tok" at ZIFF 2011

Wednesday 29 June 2011, by SIGNIS

Zanzibar, June 26, 2011 (SIGNIS) - The SIGNIS Prize for the 14th Zanzibar International Film Festival 2011 went to the documentary film, Fambul Tok, from Sierra Leone by Sara Terry.

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"Fambul Tok" offers a home-grown approach of conflict resolution

"Conventional conflict resolution mechanisms are often expensive, protracted and do not bring harmony and healing to the community. In this film, Africa offers a home-grown approach based on traditional practices where both the perpetrators and the victims have opportunity to publicly dialogue and come to terms even with the worst crimes committed. This film foregrounds Africa’s contribution to justice and conflict resolution mechanisms that can be appropriated by institutions of justice. The editing of this film prioritizes human emotions that the camera captures with depth. The symbol of fire, throughout the narrative is reminiscent of the call to African traditional value of community."

The SIGNIS jury awarded two Commendations, the first one to the film The Way Home Cinema by Dr. Biju.

"For its evocation of the human capacity to go beyond pain, fear, revenge and respond to the universal impulse to do good and bring about change in our society; and for using the essential language of cinema."

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The SIGNIS Jury at ZIFF 2011: Dominic Dipio, Veneranda Magele, Fabrizio Colombo and Paul Samasumo

"For its focus on the stories of ordinary people’s triumph over adversity and assertion of the human dignity of persons living with challenges of disability", the SIGNIS jury also gave a Commendation to the film Body and Soul by Matthieu Bron.

The SIGNIS East Africa Talent Award went to Legend of Gong Hills by Kwame Nyong’o, "in recognition of the creative ability of the filmmaker, and to promote the emerging genre of animation film in Africa with its wealth of traditional folktales."

The members of the SIGNIS Jury were Dominic Dipio (Uganda, President), Fabrizio Colombo (Italy), Veneranda magele (Tanzania) and Paul Samasumo (Zambia).


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