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SIGNIS Prizes at Toulouse Festival of Latin American Cinemas 2016

Monday 21 March 2016, by SIGNIS

Toulouse, March 21st, 2016 (SIGNIS). At the 28th Festival of Latin American Cinemas (Rencontres des cinémas d’Amérique latine) which took place in Toulouse from 11th to 20th March 2016 the SIGNIS Jury awarded two prizes.

The SIGNIS Prize for Best Documentary went to Paciente by Jorge Caballero (Columbia, 2015, 1h10).

"The camera follows with decency and dignity the suffering of a woman without any pity. The spectator is immerged in the Kafkaesque universe of the hospital world while offering him reconciliation with the end of life.”

The SIGNIS Prize for Best Short Film went to Rubén Rojas Cuauhtémoc for Polski (Cuba, 2015, 0h22)

“With the authenticity of the dialogues and the very neat aesthetic, this short film talks with delicacy and humor about the importance of the human values rather than the materialistic ones of the familial heritage.”

The SIGNIS jury was composed of Véronique Bobin (France), Inês Gil (Portugal) and Amélie Pommes (France).


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