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The Price of Love: SIGNIS prize at the Lumières d’Afrique 2015 Festival

Saturday 14 November 2015, by SIGNIS

Besançon, November 14th, 2015 (SIGNIS). The 15th edition of the Lumières d’Afrique Festival, in Besançon, closed with the traditional award ceremony.

In the feature films competition, the international SIGNIS Jury awarded its prize to The Price of Love , by Hermon Hailay (Ethiopia, 2014, 1h40):

Teddy, a taxi driver, defends a young prostitute and gets into trouble. He has the support of a priest from the Ethiopian Church, acting in the name of his deceased mother, a former prostitute. Discovering the strength of maternal love and helped by the sacrifice of the woman he loves, Teddy manages to exceed the suffering of his childhood. In this well managed film, the director Hermon Hailay shows with nuance, feelings between the characters and the advent of a responsible adult.

In the documentary competition, the Jury gave a commendation to Tsika Jiaby (Madagascar, 2015, 26mn):

Thanks to the gift of an old man, the building of a school is now possible with efforts from the entire village (“Tsika jiaby” means “all together”). Laurent Pancacini tells the making of this project, intended to offer the young people a choice for their future.

The International SIGNIS Jury members were
Christine Imbert (France)
Didace Habineza (Rwanda)
Philippe Rocher (France)

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