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Film festival organized by the Church of South India

Friday 8 April 2016, by SIGNIS

Chennai, April 8th, 2016 (MattersIndia). The Church of South India (CSI) has held a short-film competition and film festival as part of a campaign to dissuade young people from using and becoming addicted to drugs. The competition included 25 short films, but only the 12 best were screened during the festival.

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A winner of the Church of South India’s anti-drug short-film competition receives his award from senior CSI officials

The diocesan youth teams were tasked with preparing a short interview on the theme “Youth against Addiction and Abuse”. The aim of the campaign was to teach young people “about the menace of addiction and abuse in society today,” the Church of South India (CSI) said on its website. “In this regard the campaign through this short film festival and contest took up the task of sensitising the community through the power of media and communication.”

Winning participants were presented with a trophy by a panel of senior church officials. In addition to offering “inspiring words of encouragement,” the three commended the winners for their creativity and “said that they should become an integral part of the church and serve the community and the nation with greater commitment,” the CSI said.

The Church said that the videos “filmed and portrayed this issue from various perspectives. Acute professionalism and dynamic creative energy was reflected through these short films.”

“This festival was also a platform to recognise the various talents and resources that the Church of South India holds through its young people even in the field of media and communication,” the CSI said.

The films are being posted online for public viewing and will also be used in the CSI youth gatherings and educational institutions to spread awareness on the Youth against Addiction and Abuse campaign.

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