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Sixth edition of the Slum Film Festival

Wednesday 24 August 2016, by SIGNIS

Nairobi, August, 24th, 2016 (UNESCO). This week, the sixth edition of Kenya’s innovative Slum Film Festival, is taking place in Nairobi. “Featuring contemporary short, and documentary films from Africa and beyond, the Festival is unique in that it features film makers from slums around the world telling stories about life in their settlements.” UNESCO is sponsoring the event, and will present one of the awards during the Awards Gala for winning filmmakers.

The Slum Film Festival is a community-based event that includes a film competition, a Filmmaker Lab with capacity-building workshops and Master Classes, and screenings in the slums as well as in central locations in Nairobi. The Filmmaker Labs aims to train selected youth from the slums on civic education, social cohesion and good governance and its participants have been invited to produce 13 short films (15’) on these themes.

“This year’s film lab is designed to capacitate young filmmakers from the informal settlements or slums on the art of storytelling and film for social change, including development, production and distribution. A video drama series, Jihusishe, will be created to promote civic education and to engage the informal settlements communities to create civic awareness and to participate in a peaceful electoral process,” explains Solomon Mwendwa, Director of the Slum Film Festival.

The Festival offers a unique platform for social and economic change, sustainable development, and freedom of artistic expression. A key to its impact and success is the focus on development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the slums, as well as the mobilization of the local community through film. These are important initiatives that correspond to UNESCO’s advocacy for culture in sustainable urban development through creative industries.

According to UN Habitat’s 2016 World Cities Report, 880 million people worldwide lived in slums in 2014; an increase of 28% over the previous 14 years. Improving their lives is an essential means to tackle poverty and the Slum Film Festival, with its push for creative industries in the slums, is an innovative way to help bring about change.

More info on the official website.

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