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Browsing the web safely contest run by Google India

Monday 9 May 2016, by SIGNIS

Bengaluru, May, 9th, 2016 (MattersIndia). Five Indian teenagers won last week a web contest conducted by Google India on browsing websites safely. This contest was first launched in 2014.

The teenagers were challenged to create their own online safety campaigns aimed at curbing cyber bullying and leaving a safe digital footprint.

In a statement, the Indian subsidiary of Google declared: “The competition witnessed several entries from across schools in the form of sketches, videos and apps and were judged on creativity, reach and impact”.

Mavika Boyini, Vaidehi Reddy, Kanish Chugh, Raviteja Anumukonda, and Neya Saravanarajan are the winners of this year’s edition.

Boyini sketched a set of cartoons and admonished peers to never post anything which their grandmother would not like: “Don’t be rude, don’t post inappropriate stuff and follow the grandma rule” are some her dos and don’ts.

Reddy cautioned internet users never to reveal home address, personal details and refrain from illegal downloads through a video. Chug developed an anti-phishing game to enlighten peers on how to spot fake logos, while Anumukonda talked about the need to avoid easy and predictable passwords to preferring complex unhackable ones.b Saravanarajan composed a catchy tune, Mr. Two Faces, to remind everyone to turn on privacy settings.

The winning prize is a chromebook and a tablet, given by Google.

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