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Hawaii Catholic Schools launched new digital presence

Friday 23 October 2015, by SIGNIS

Honolulu, Brussels, October 23rd, 2015 (SIGNIS,/PR NewswireHawaii Catholic Schools). Last month, the Hawaii Catholic Schools Office launched a new website, to help share the value of a Catholic education and support the growth of 39 Catholic schools across the state.

"The new web presence is a representation of the educational and spiritual values of our Catholic schools across the State of Hawaii," said Mike Rockers, Ed.D., Superintendent. "Our schools provide a nurturing environment where students are receiving a quality education from highly qualified teachers and are given the opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ," he continued.

While Hawaii Catholic schools are rooted in the Catholic faith, they welcome families from all religions and offer educational opportunities for every child in Hawaii. Of their over 9,000 students, 60% identify with the Catholic faith and 40% come from other religions. Academically, over 99% of their students graduate from high school and over 98% of those graduates is accepted to the nation’s best colleges and universities. "Our schools are graduating 21st century leaders of faith, integrity, and scholarship," Dr. Rockers explains.

Established in 1841, Hawaii Catholic Schools represent 10% of all public and private schools across the entire State of Hawaii. Each of their schools carries the same philosophy of developing the whole child, which includes the five factors of development: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Cognitive.

The new digital presence is comprehensive, featuring a complete school directory conveniently arranged by geographic location for quick searching. A “news and events” page with social media integration allows Hawaii Catholic Schools Office to share real-time school-specific current events as well as updates that would concern the entire Catholic school community.

Hawaii Catholic Schools encourages parents to discover the right Catholic school for their child by exploring their new website www.CatholicSchoolsHawaii.org.

Since 1841, Hawaii Catholic Schools have offered a strong tradition of academic excellence and spiritual faith formation emphasizing character building, ethics and moral responsibility

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