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Indian author Christopher C. Doyle believes Internet, social media distract children

Thursday 5 November 2015, by SIGNIS

Dehradun, Brussels, November 5th, 2015 (The Tribune/ Jotirmay Thapliyal/SIGNIS). Author Christopher C Doyle believes that the Internet, social media and television are a big distraction for schoolchildren, who start distancing themselves from reading.

Christopher C. Doyle, author of “Mahabharata Quest-the Alexandar Quest”, told Indian Newspaper The Tribune in Dehradun that books stand to lose out to the Internet, television and other forms of social media among children. He favoured creation of an eco system that brings children closer to books. “Creating interest among children towards books is all what is important. Book reading adds value to life which, otherwise, is absent from social media-linked activities,” he said. Doyle ruled out the notion that books at times being expensive were out of the reach of children.

“On the contrary, books today are very cheap. It’s costly going to a movie than buying a book. One ends up spending nearly Rs 300 to see a movie, which includes the cost of tickets and also snacks. But one can buy a book at much less amount,” he said.
He stressed on more interactive programmes for schoolchildren with young writers for promoting a reading habit among them. A thorough academician, Christopher C Doyle, graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, with a degree in economics before studying business management at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata. Over the course of his corporate career, Doyle has worked with leading multinational organisations such as Coats Viyella, Hilton Hotels, IBM and The Economist Group.

On the other hand, author and historian Roshen Dalal, however, does not mind reading books on mobile phones or Ipads. She said with changing times, the new age media–internet and others certainly had gained importance. However, she admitted that children could not be allowed access to anything and everything on the internet.

Dalal is the bestselling author of the double-volume “The Puffin History of India” and “The Puffin History of the World”. She has also taught at the school and university levels.

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