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New App for Salesian leaders and youth workers

Friday 10 June 2016, by SIGNIS

Brussels, June 10th, 2016 (ANS). A new app was launched by the Don Bosco Youth-Net (DBYN) for Smartphone and Tablet. The App consists of a unique collection of over 240 games to inspire group activities.

The game App is a fun and interactive tool to be used by leaders and youth workers on youth exchanges, summer camps or training courses, as well as an inspiration for playing group games in youth clubs, schools and oratorios.

The App has a search function where you can search on name, age group, type of playing area, type of game. The games also use a set of symbols as extra illustrations for the type of game: e.g. grass if it is to be played on a field of grass or an umbrella if the game can be played inside.

A user can “like” a game, creating a list of favourites. As games are culturally determined, it is important to use the App as inspiration and adapt it to the local cultural setting in which it is to be used.

Once you download the App, all the games are downloaded, which means that once the App has been installed, you don’t need internet connection to have access to the games.

You can download the App from the Games App Portal or directly from ITunes or Google Play.

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