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New app to help women fight cyber-abuse

Thursday 10 March 2016, by SIGNIS

Manila, March, 10th, 2016 (UcaNews). A new mobile app, AksyonVAW, has been launched in the Philippines in order to help women fight cyber-abuse. Aksyon is the Filipino word for action, and VAW stands for violence against women.

“AksyonVAW, a project of the Foundation for Media Alternatives, allows women to make what could be important decisions with scenarios featuring technology-related violence, including cyber-bullying, identity theft, and online harassment”, can we read on the UcaNews website.

There are multiple scenarios, such as one that features a 16-year-old student, or one that involves a photograph of a woman taken by her boyfriend and ending up online. Those scenarios will “enable potential victims cope better with social media perils”.

Cristina Lopez, the association’s program assistant, said the app allows users to decide on the proper course of action: "If the user chooses one option, a resulting scenario appears”. She said some of the responses are based on Philippine laws.

Aside from these scenarios, the app provides tips on how to handle online abuse and give a link to a website that tracks complaints of digital harassment.

The app has been available on the Google Play Store for a month.

Download the app here.

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