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Using tablets as a learning tool in India

Thursday 28 April 2016, by SIGNIS

Hyderabad, April, 28th, 2016 (MattersIndia). In some regions of India, kids as young as two are being taught with tablets in schools. However, some parents are opposed to this new form of learning, which they say has more negatives than positives.

The Matters India website reports that “Esperenza pre-schools that have over 15 branches in the state capital have made it mandatory to buy tablets (supplied by the school) for kids studying from play school until UKG.

Schools’ general manager, Ms Komal Mathews, said that the child-friendly tablets were used only for educational purposes and not for every class.

“Activities such as counting of numbers, identification of animals, shapes, colors and sounds etc. are being taught under strict supervision of teachers. They cannot download apps or play games, whatsoever, unlike regular tablets,” she said.

But parents question the need to give electronic devices to children at such a tender age and the prize of the tablet: the ones supplied by the school costs Rs 10,000, including software. “It is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to stop kids from operating cell phones and other gadgets at home. And if tablets are put in their hands they will get addicted to it, resulting in more headaches for us,” complained one parent.

Schools and high schools are also starting to use tablets as a learning tool. Parents of some schools have received letters from authorities about their keenness to use tablets along with regular teaching methods. “We were asked to either get our own tablets and buy software of Rs 4500 or buy Lenovo devices supplied by the school for Rs 10,000 or Rs 19,300 each, along with software. There was no option to check whether parents are supporting or opposing the idea,” a parent said.

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