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Indian bishop urges media to uphold spiritual values, integrity

Wednesday 16 March 2016, by SIGNIS

Poona, March, 16th, 2016 (Matters India). Bishop Thomas Dabre of Pune in India has urged media persons to stop chasing scandals and instead promote spiritual values and integrity to save the family and society.

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Bishop Dabre (in the middle)

He said that “it is sad that journalists are led by three S’s: Scandals, sensationalism and Sex.” He made this address at the 21st national convention of Indian Catholic Press Association (ICPA). The theme of this ICPA meeting, from March 11-13, was “Christian Journalists and Family values”.

He also noted that “journalists and media have become vital components of modern world, as they can reach countless people in short time. With such importance and power, journalists can make precious contributions for the stability and strengthening of family life”.

Bishop Dabre further said the Church leaders were “concerned about growing insensitivity to equality of gender, caste, language, creed, status. Increasing addiction to social media is another cause for worry for the bishops.”

He then said that “the Christian journalists have to become persons of authentic, Christian commitment and spiritual and moral integrity”. “All your work should be in accordance with the Christian spirit,” he added.

Bishop Dabre urged Christian journalists to “courageously and constructively” critique errors, abuses and unchristian practices in the Church. Christian journalists, he added, should address problems in the Church and analyze them critically.

To read more about Bishop Dabre’s address, click here.

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