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Pope asks journalists to be professional and to respect human dignity

Thursday 29 September 2016, by SIGNIS

Rome, September, 29th, 2016 (Vatican Radio). During a meeting between Pope Francis and the Italian National Council of the Order of Journalists, he told them that “truth, professionalism and respect for human dignity were essential elements in their work.”

Pope Francis told them that there were few professions that have “so much influence on society like that of journalism.” He noted that they are usually the ones who are there to record what he called, the "first draft of history”, “the building of the news agenda and introducing people to the interpretation of events.”

He also noted that the journalistic profession was one that was continually adapting to changes in the way people digest news through new forms of media.

In his discourse the Pope stressed three essential elements in the work of a journalist, that he said, could serve to “improve the society in which we live”: To love the truth, to embody professionalism and to respect human dignity.

He said that loving the truth meant not only stating it, but living it and bearing witness to it in their work.

About professionalism, Pope Francis underlined that when there was professionalism, journalists remained “a cornerstone, a fundamental element for the vitality of a free and pluralistic society.”

On the subject of human dignity, the Pope stressed the importance of responsible journalism and he reiterated earlier comments he made about rumours being a form of "terrorism", and how you can “kill a person with language”.

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