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Protecting threatened Journalists: the Journalists-in-Residence Programme

Thursday 15 September 2016, by SIGNIS

Leipzig, September 15th, 2016 (Ecpmf). Press and media freedom is under attack. Not only in authoritarian states like Azerbaijan and countries in transition like Macedonia but also in countries with strong democratic constitutions like Germany and long democratic traditions like the United Kingdom. In this context, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom organizes the “Journalists-in-Residence Programme”, to help threatened journalists all over the world.

The new European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) is founded by 25 organizations from all over Europe to stop this development. The basis for their work is the European Charter signed by 48 editors-in-chief and leading journalists.

Direct help to endangered journalists in Europe is one of the core tasks of the ECPMF. Although media freedom is anchored in European countries’ constitutions, media workers are encountering many threats and risks while doing their job. The Journalists-in-Residence Programme offers a special opportunity to threatened media freedom activists and journalists: with ECPMF’s support, they can temporarily leave the unsafe environment of oppression and anxiety to recover and find new strength.

For up to 12 months, a media worker at risk can take a time-out from the direct threat he or she is facing in their home country. The ECPMF provides a safe home, a scholarship and many other forms of support as well as the possibility to work at the centre in Leipzig.

The ECPMF unites media, press organizations and academia to counter attacks on press and media freedom both nationally and internationally. It will establish a database of media law in Europe and of all attacks on it, it will organize working groups to support other national and international organizations advocating media freedom, it will support national media associations and individuals fighting for freedom of the press and media and will support individual journalists who are harassed by the authorities.

The ECPMF was established 24th of June 2015 in Leipzig and had its first conference in October 2015. The second conference will take place 6-7 October 2016.

Please find the programme and registration here.

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