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RSF launches its campaign “Some wins don’t deserve medals”

Friday 5 August 2016, by SIGNIS

Rio de Janeiro, August 5th, 2016 (RSF). Tonight, the Olympics Games 2016 will be officially launched in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Reporters without Borders (RSF) takes on the occasion of this worldwide event to launch its campaign to draw attention to violence against journalists in Brazil: “Some wins don’t deserve medals”.

According to RSF, since the last Olympics in 2012, Brazil is now “Latin America’s second deadliest country for media personnel”, just after Mexico, with at least 22 journalists killed. In most of the cases registered by RSF, the journalists – who included news reporters, radio hosts and bloggers – were investigating and covering stories linked to corruption, public policy or organized crime, especially in small or mid-sized towns.

The campaign “some wins don’t deserve medals” aims “to make Brazilian society and the international community more aware of the dangers for journalists” and “to put pressure on the authorities to take concrete measures to protect them.”

Concretely, the staff of RSF’s Rio de Janeiro-based regional bureau will go to several Olympic sites during the games to help get the message across.

In March 2014, the Secretariat for Human Rights (SDH) released a report on violence against journalists in Brazil. Compiled over a two-year period, the report said that no fewer than 321 journalists had been the victims of violence from 2009 to 2014. The report emphasized the direct involvement of local authorities in these cases of violence and identified impunity as a factor contributing to their recurrence. It also made a number of important recommendations of which none has so far been implemented.

RSF would like to revive the debate by drawing attention to four of its key proposals:

  • Create a Public Observatory on Violence against Journalists in partnership with the United Nations.
  • Extend the Protection Programme for Human Rights Defenders(PPDDH) to journalists and bloggers who have been the target of threats or murder attempts.
  • Put the federal authorities in charge of investigations into crimes of violence against journalists because of the conspicuous apathy of local investigations into some cases.
  • Establish good conduct procedures for the police, based on the non-violence procedures adopted by the Council for the Defence of Human Rights in Resolution No. 6 of 18 June 2013, in order to guarantee the safety of journalists during demonstrations.

Get more info on the campaign here.

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