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Spheres: Journal for Digital Cultures

Friday 15 July 2016, by SIGNIS

Luneburg, July, 15th, 2016 (Spheres). We are excited to announce that the first three issues of ’Spheres: Journal for Digital Cultures‘ have now been published, and will in the coming months be expanded with further contributions.

Spheres is an open peer reviewed web journal associated with the Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC) at Leuphana University of Luneburg and supported by an international advisory board. It is concerned with contemporary historical and emerging discussions about digital cultures and exploring the theoretical, political and social stakes within these debates by reassembling key concepts like public spheres, media spheres and atmospheres.

The purpose of the web journal is to serve as a research resource, freely available as an open access publication, which aims to make sense of the theory and politics of digital cultures. The journal offers an innovative, useful and easy to access resource, combining text with audiovisual content and enabling new narrative forms in the field of digital cultures.

Spheres, therefore, seeks to promote a dialogue between scholars, policy makers, media artists, activists and hackers, fostering the production of new knowledge, as well as alliances bet¬ween the Southern and Northern hemisphere.

The content of the web journal is generated through open calls, conferences, workshops, production sprints, commissioned works and events carried out by the Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC) and its wider network. The contributions cater both academic articles, reports and reviews, as well as ad-hoc interventions into and hands-on experiences.

The first three issues of spheres can be found here.

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