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Wednesday 28 September 2016, by SIGNIS

London, September, 28th 2016 (EJN). The Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) has restructured and refreshed its website. It aimed at strengthening capacity to build trust in journalism as a cornerstone of free expression and quality communications.

The EJN is working with local media, journalists and leading academics in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East to create programmes that strengthen free media and put journalism at the heart of plans to promote critical thinking and ethical values as key elements in strategies for responsible communications in the public sphere.

In crisis-hit regions and countries such as Turkey, Georgia, and Palestine the EJN is supporting journalists in their fight for professional freedom. Our work reaches across the world:

  • in China, EJN is organising new work with universities and setting up a regional network to combat political threats;
  • in Asia, EJN is working with media professional groups in Pakistan and Indonesia where hard-won freedoms are coming under pressure;
  • in Africa, EJN is building its campaign Turning the Page of Hate to help media and journalists eliminate hate-speech in public discourse;
  • in the Middle East, EJN supports co-operation between universities and media to support tolerance in communication;
  • in the Western Balkans, EJN works with media to strengthen internal governance and transparency.

At the same time EJN continues to produce detailed reports that focus on the challenges of modern journalism and, in partnership with the Missouri School of Journalism, they have launched the world’s first interactive and extensive database on self-regulation, ethics and standards for media – Accountable Journalism.

Details of all of these activities and the work EJN has done, including numerous reports, videos and articles can be found in the pages of this website. EJN’s work is free for use by editors, managers, journalists, students, teachers and anyone who believes in the core values of journalism.

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