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The literature Nobel Prize goes to a journalist

Friday 9 October 2015, by SIGNIS

Stockholm, Brussels, October 9th 2015 (SIGNIS/ I. Verbrugge). This Monday October 8th, the Belarus journalist Svetlana Alexievitch won the literature Nobel Prize, to reward her “polyphonic work, in memory of the suffering and the courage of our time”.

Graduated in journalism from the Minsk University, she started her career by writing columns in the “mails” section of a soviet kolkhoz journal, before writing her first novel “War doesn’t have a woman’s face”, based on testimonies of women who were fighting during the WWII.

Since then, her work has always been in between novel and journalism, talking about many subjects, from Chernobyl to the Afghanistan war. They all have one thing in common: they are a collection of shattering experiences.
Svetlana Alexievitch is the 14th woman laureate of this prize, on 112 awarded since 1901.

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