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"Comunicar" April issue is out.

Friday 15 April 2016, by SIGNIS

Huelva, April, 15th, 2016 (Comunicar). The new issue of Comunicar is out. Comunicar is one of the best and inspiring online media education magazines today. All the texts are available in pdf format and can be consulted on line. On the website, there is also an extensive archive section, containing the former issues. This month’s edition contains ten articles, half of which are dedicated to the theme: “Communication, Civil Society and Social Change”. To give an idea about the richness of the articles, we selected the abstracts of three of them.

Three researchers, Susana de Andrés del Campo, Eloisa Nos-Aldas and Agustín García Matilla, published the article "The transformative Image. The Power of a Photograph for Social Change: The Death of Aylan”. The article is about the role of the image as an agent for social transformation. It is a case study about the impact of the photograph of Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old child drowned off Bodrum in an attempt to escape on a raft full of Syrian migrants. This is one of the most widely seen social photojournalism documents in recent times, and it had a huge impact on social media. The study applies an iconographic, iconological and ethical analysis to reveal the constituent parts of an image with the power for social change.

Two other researchers, Ana Alerbe Barandiaran and Eider Oregui González, wrote “Values and Emotions in Children’s Audiovisual Fictional Narratives.” Their aim is to identify which values and emotions are transmitted in the favourite fictional TV programs of children aged between eight and twelve, according to their particular type of structure. Based on the analysis of media consumption reported by participants and their parents, as well as the ratings of children’s fictional programs, two fictional programmes were selected for this age group, and a content analysis of 86 episodes was conducted and validated by an inter-rater agreement.

Finally, the Ecuadorian Mauro Cerbino and the Italian Francesca Belotti, reflected on the recent Latin American Reforms in the field of communication in the article “Community Media as Exercise of Communicative Citizenship: Experiences from Argentina and Ecuador”. According to them, these reshaped and strengthened the role and challenges of the popular, alternative and community media. Their work is based upon the grounded tradition of Latin American studies on popular and alternative communication for social change.

More info on the website.

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