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Training : “Communication and Media Skills for youth and Social Work”

Wednesday 13 July 2016, by SIGNIS

Nairobi, July, 13th, 2016 (Canaafrica). An annual formation program in “Communication and Media Skills for youth and Social Work” began last week in Nairobi with 23 participants from Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The five-week program, which kicked off on Monday, July 4, is being offered by Bosco Eastern Africa Multimedia Services (BEAMS) and the Department of Social Communication of the Salesian Province of East Africa.

“The overall goal of the Certificate Programme is to equip social workers, particularly those dealing with youth in church and secular contexts, with knowledge and skills in the use of modern means of communication,” The Director of BEAMS, Salesian Father Sebastian Koladiyil told CANAA over the weekend.

The participants who include priests, religious men and women, and lay people are beneficiaries of the Catholic Scholarship Program studying in the following Institutions of Higher learning: Tangaza College, CUEA, Regina Pacis, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Marisht College and Hekima College.

Father Koladiyil said that the “intense program” is divided into five modules running daily from Monday through Friday and that each module takes 30 hours.

He also revealed the expected learning outcome of the program saying, “the participant will be able to have a broad understanding of the important theories in communication, analyse critically the social issues involved in the use of modern means of communication, consume critically modern means of communication in their own personal life and for their study and work, apply some skills in the use of the means of communication for improved intervention in social transformation, particularly in youth work, in the context of the church and society and finally exhibit enthusiasm towards acquiring more skills in the use of media.”

The learning methods of the program include lectures, group discussions, practical (hands-on) sessions, role-plays, Power Point presentations, videos, individual and group projects. The participants will be evaluated by means of a personal and group project.

Those facilitating the program are resource persons drawn from various media houses around Nairobi and other experts in the field of Communication, Youth work and Catechesis.

Some of the topics being addressed include: Models of Communication, Photography and Photojournalism, Audio editing skills, Proof reading and publication process and skills, Submission and processing of Manuscripts for publication and all related legal, technical and marketing challenges, Film Critique, Effective power point presentation, Introduction to web-design / Blog, Effective use of on-line resources, Introduction to Video shooting and editing, Introduction to basic electricity and sound, Social concern in Music / Pop stars and popular culture, Songs and vulgarity / Guidelines for liturgical music/Drama in Liturgy, Notice board-an effective means of communication/Preparing posters, Analysis of advertisement/ Advertising: Issues and Ethics, Newspaper analysis, Use of media for social change / mass media and persuasion, Alternative Media, Public Speaking, Writing Skills…

“The participants expressed their enthusiasm in learning and equipping themselves with media skills during the first session,” Father Koladiyil told CANAA and added, “Every participant will be given two training manuals as course material at the end of the training.”

The formation program is taking place at the Don Bosco Youth Educational Services (DBYES) in Karen, Nairobi and will conclude on August 5, 2016.

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