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A radio show for HIV positive South-Africans

Tuesday 19 July 2016, by SIGNIS

Cape Town, July, 19th 2016 (The Guardian). In Cape Town, South Africa, a radio show run by young reporters provides advices and information for HIV positive South-Africans.

The Unako (meaning “You can”) show on Radio Zibonele started in 2013. The show “is a safe place for young people in Khayelitsha to openly discuss HIV, sex and relationships, and to explore the layers, contradictions and uncertainty associated with being young”.

Even though there are already many messages about HIV in South Africa, the creators of the show realized that “many people living with HIV in Khayelitsha couldn’t relate to those messages, as they usually portrayed ‘perfect people living perfect lives’”. So the reporters decide to broadcast a show for people who don’t have the support of their close ones.

Those stories are difficult to be shared, and sometimes to be heard as well, but “the medium of radio seems to make these conversations easier to have. The vast majority of callers choose to be anonymous. Radio allows for heated discussions with other anonymous listeners, and for those who have not disclosed their HIV status to air the intimate details about their lives.”

Thanks to the radio show, callers can have conversations that should happen at home, but don’t. They get advises, feedback and perspectives on their problems, without any immediate repercussions.

Hopefully, the show helps the listeners “feel less isolated, more informed, and able to come up with realistic strategies for moving forward.”

Read more about the Unako show on the Guardian website.

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