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BBC World Service Radio Expands in West Africa

Wednesday 4 May 2016, by SIGNIS

London, May4th, 2016 (Radioworld). BBC World Services announced its expansion in 3 West African countries: Cameroon, Guinea and Niger. Cameroon’s Radio Nostalgie, Guinea’s Bolivar FM and Niger’s Radio Gaskia will now feature French, Hausa and English versions of the BBC Afrique edition of BBC’s “Global Newsbeat” bulletins.

The three radio stations will also broadcast “BBC Matin”, a daily news and current affairs programme; weekly news, current affairs, culture and sports review programmes “Le Grand Reportage,” “Le Magazine de la Culture” and “Chronique Foot.” Audience-participation programmes “A vous l’antenne” and “Le Club BBC” are also part of the new programming.

Bolivar FM will offer English-language programmes, including “La leçon d’Anglais par la radio,” which teaches English, and the English-language “Focus on Africa”, a daily news programme. Radio Gaskia will offer Hausa-speaking programmes like “Shirin Safe,” “Shirin Hantsi,” “Shirin Rana” and “Shirin Dare.”

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