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Community radio stations in Africa

Friday 6 May 2016, by SIGNIS

Cape Town, May, 6th, 2016 (BizCommunity). There are more and more community radio stations in Africa. They have completely changed the way people perceive radio and Africans realized how they were empowered by them.

In 1985, the World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC) counted fewer than ten independent radio stations on the continent. Today, South Africa alone boasts 156 community radio stations and the Democratic Republic of Congo an amazing 450. The number of community radio stations in Africa has skyrocketed since the passing of the Windhoek Declaration 25 years ago and the African Charter on Broadcasting in 2001.

Community radio stations have profoundly changed how people perceive radio in Africa. The stations empower citizens by making them both producers and consumers of information, but they also face serious challenges to their long-term survival.

Indeed, community radio in many ways became a critical game-changer on the continent’s media landscape: for the first time there was a medium that directly catered to the interests and needs of Africa’s voiceless majority rural populations.

Underpinned by three core principles – community ownership and management, non-profit status, and community participation – community radio stations have helped overcome the communication challenges that most countries on the continent faced, and often still face today.

To know more about community radios in Africa, read the complete article on the bizcommunity website.

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