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Congolese Radio Drama to change Human rights and Health

Wednesday 10 August 2016, by SIGNIS

Kinshasa, August, 10th, 2016 (Comminit). Since February, a new radio drama programme is broadcasted in eastern DR Congo. “Pambazuko” (The Dawn), aims to “change health and human rights behaviours” in the region. It will be aired until the end of August 2017, with a total of 156 episodes.

Pambazuko is produced by Population Media Center (PMC) in collaboration with local partners. It airs on 14 community radio stations, in Swahili. Using entertainment-education approaches, the drama weaves together storylines to address issues such as gender equality, education, rape, family planning, vaccines, HIV/AIDS, and nutrition.

According to PMC’s methodology "the characters role model different behaviors allowing the audience to observe, hope for specific outcomes, and discuss with their friends and neighbors."

Different storylines are featured such as a young man who discovers that poverty is a vicious cycle that can tempt people into illegal activities; a jealous husband who doesn’t want his pregnant wife to get medical care; or a teenager forced to interrupt his studies because of poverty.

The launch of the radio drama was covered through print, radio, and television to promote listenership. Listeners can also interact with the radio drama through the Pambazuko facebook page.

The programme is done in partnership with Population Media Center , Hirondelle network, UNFPA, Global Affairs Canada, UNICEF;, DKT International, UNAIDS, US Embassy, Segal Family Foundation, Jane Goodall Institute.

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