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Ghetto Radio: Nairobi’s voice of the streets

Monday 15 February 2016, by SIGNIS

Nairobi, Brussels, February 15th, 2016 (SIGNIS/DW/GhettoRadio). Joseph Kangethe is one of Ghetto Radio’s hosts. The former street kid is a true role model of what the Nairobi radio station stands for. He uses the media to fight for the rights of young Nairobi slum-dwellers.

Ghetto Radio was set up in 2007 to reveal the fuller picture of urban African ghetto life and culture by being a channel through which ghetto inhabitants, artists as well as regular inhabitants of slums and ghettos, can tell their own stories (through music, graffiti, blogs, comments, news items, stories, poetry, etc.). The station gets its fundings via local donors or NGO’s.

Ghetto Radio offers “street credible” news, views and entertainment by people from the urban ghetto, to an audience within and beyond the ghettos. For instance, Joseph Kangethe, by being a former street kid, truly understands his audience. Now, he has become kind of a spokesperson for those kids. Moreover, the station is in Sheng, a blend of English and Swahili, in order to reach Kenya urban youth with their proper language

More info on their website.

Watch here an interview of Joseph Kangethe

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