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Inspiration FM... Promoting Morals, Preserving Family Values

Thursday 14 July 2016, by SIGNIS

Abuja, July, 14th, 2016 (AllAfrica). Inspiration FM is a Nigerian radio station that promotes morals and preserves family values. Charles Supo-Orija, the General Manager, said that Inspiration FM is “out to re-enact the core values of morality amongst the adolescents, the youth and older people.”

In an interview with The Guardian, he said that "If you look at our programme segmentation, we have different sections that specifically take care of these age categories and other interests. Ordinarily, people may imagine that Inspiration FM is a Christian station, no; we are not. We appeal to both the Christians and the Muslims. Basically, what we do is that we attach a lot of values to morals and that has carved a niche for us over the years.”

"The main purpose of the station in the first instance is to cater for the family, and it is regarded as the number one family station. Within the society, the family plays a crucial role in nation building, and that is the strength and backbone of any society. We have looked critically from inception to carve an edge for ourselves”, he added.
He asserted that the radio "is affecting society positively” and that they “are building the future generations, and are taking care of various diverse interests".

To read more about his interview and the radio, click here.

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