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Kasese Guide Radio working for the community in Uganda

Tuesday 12 April 2016, by SIGNIS

Brussels, April, 12th, 2016 (SIGNIS). Kasese Guide Radio is a commercial project of the Kasese Catholic diocese, transmitting in the hills of Kigabiro Bunyaruguru in Bushenyi District.

Kasese Guide Radio, through its 81-metre mast, produces a very clear and reliable signal for the whole area. It serves the entire diocese of Kasese which consist of 10 parishes with about 270.000 Catholics.

Its main objective is to evangelize and educate, entertain in a modest way, help the diocese sustain itself, create some employment where possible and inform people. Since its founding, Kasese Guide Radio has tried to develop its techniques for news gathering as well as to publish breaking news. The station also has a Twitter account and Facebook page.

The radio station has recently upgraded its equipment. New video equipment will be a major tool for covering diocesan events, making documentation, records for historical references, shooting dramas, recording local musicians and for news.

Kasese diocese is among the 19 dioceses in Uganda and was created in June 1989 from the mother diocese of Fort Portal. Recently a new Bishop, Rt. Rev. Francis Aquirinus Kibira joined the diocese which covers an area of 3,205sq. km, with a population of about 576,000 people. The population is increasing and actual figures may be higher.

For further information on Kasese Radio, click here.

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