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The role of community radios in the promotion of Algeria

Wednesday 24 February 2016, by SIGNIS

Algiers, Brussels, February 24th, 2016 (AllAfrica/SIGNIS). The role that can be played by the community radios in the promotion of the image of Algeria abroad, particularly in France, was emphasized Sunday Feb. 21, in Algiers, by Minister of Communication Hamid Grine.

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Hamid Grine

"It is always important to listen to the community radios, because in a way they are ambassadors of the Algerian and Maghreb communities in France," said Grine following a meeting with the representatives of the community radios in France who came to Algiers to sign agreements with the Algerian Radio.

The minister said that this meeting is part of "the government’s strategy to promote the image of Algeria abroad."

He underlined that the agreements signed between the Algerian Radio and community radios, namely Radio Soleil, Radio Beur FM, Radio Gazelle, Radio France Maghreb, Radio Salam and Radio Pastell, "focus on training, technical support and the exchange of programmes."

In this regard, Grine stressed "the need to strengthen the cooperation with these radios and better consolidate relations with them."

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