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World Radio Day

Friday 12 February 2016, by SIGNIS

Paris, Brussels, February 12th, 2016 (SIGNIS/UNESCO/RadioNet). On February 13th, the World Radio Day will be celebrated. This day offers to celebrate radio as a media, to develop international cooperation between broadcaster, to encourage the main networks and community radios to promote the acces to information, freedom of speech and gender equality.

This year’s theme is “Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster”. Radio still remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide, in the quickest possible time.

Through World Radio Day celebrations around the world, UNESCO will promote radio in times of emergency and disaster, and put forward the following messages:

  • Freedom of expression and journalists’ safety should be disaster-proof.
  • Radio empowers survivors and vulnerable people, whose right to privacy is to be respected.
  • Radio has social impact and provides access to information.People’s right to information should be protected even in times of emergency and disaster.
  • Radio saves lives.
  • The immediate accessibility of radio frequencies is essential to saving lives. These frequencies should be protected so they are available in times of emergency.

On 13 February, international broadcasters will broadcast live on UNESCO’s dedicated website, www.worldradioday.org.

Through National Commissions for UNESCO Field Offices and partner organisations, World Radio Day will be celebrated worldwide.

UNESCO will also provide copyright free articles, audio and video messages from opinion leaders, celebrities, and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors related to radio for use by broadcasters on World Radio Day.

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