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AMECEA Challenges ICT personnel to embark on Video Conferencing

Monday 18 April 2016, by SIGNIS

Nairobi, April, 18th, 2016 (AMECEA). The Head of Social Communications Department of AMECEA, Rev. Fr. Chrisantus Ndaga has challenged the ICT personnel from AMECEA Region to think of embarking on Video Conferencing in order to reduce the cost of travel around the region.

Addressing the participants during the closing ceremony of the ICT forum that was held in Nairobi, Kenya from April 5-8, 2016, Fr Ndaga said that AMECEA is probing for some ways of introducing video conferencing as a first step towards reducing costs of hosting training, traveling, enhancing productivity and improving communication. “I want you to support us with your skills in the realization of the project as a first step towards reducing costs of hosting training, traveling, enhancing productivity and improving communication,” he said.

“If I can call someone via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook and We video Chat, how can it be impossible for us, experts in ICT, to take advantage of the technology?” he said adding “If we can manage to adapt this method then our relevance will be felt in our conferences since we will be able to connect easily, share and learn more.”

He added that the transformation will be achieved through rapid expansion of ICT networks and services that are affordable and accessible. “We have already met with several sponsors who are ready to partner with us once we adopt this method. I am positive that this plan will be very effective,” he explained.

He urged the participants to also create an open forum on how Catholic Radio Stations can use ICT and internet to facilitate information sharing in all the conferences to reach as many people as possible to promote evangelization.

In his remarks, the ICT specialist of AMECEA, Bernard Mberere, who was also a facilitator at the workshop, said that the training was very efficient and effective. He called on all participants to put into practice the skills they have gained from the training once they go back to their conferences, to effectively carry out its mandate and remain relevant and up-to-date.

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